Poverty Alleviation Through Action (PATA)


Grants Available for 2018-2019

UC Davis students sorting snails
UC Davis students sorting snails

Project grants are offered to highly motivated undergraduate students enrolled and in good standing at UC Davis. Funds can be used to pursue fieldwork abroad in a developing country or working domestically on poverty alleviation and/or inequality.

PATA grants are limited to a maximum of $2,000 for fieldwork completed in the summer months (June – September). 

Applicants must be enrolled UC Davis students by the time they APPLY but do not have to be enrolled by the time they begin their project. Student applicants will identify a specific project they will be working on in the field, outline a budget and time frame for completing their project.

A strong proposal will identify the specific context within which the field work will be conducted, e.g., the country or countries involved, local community, and those most impacted by the work. In addition, successful proposals will outline project goals, anticipated outcomes (if any), and the NGO or agency contacts providing direct supervision of the applicant.


Additional Resources

Blum Center and Study Abroad Partnership

UC Davis students participating in qualifying UC Davis Study Abroad and UCEAP programs can apply for the PATA Grant to cover costs of participation in these programs.

Eligible Study Abroad Programs

Undergraduates must work in conjunction with a Non Government Organization (NGO) in a developing country.