Blum Center Director Speaks on the Future of Water in Chile

Tu Jarvis
Tu Jarvis presents on California water regulation at the Center on Water Law and Management in Chile

On March 29th, Blum Center Director Tu Jarvis presented on the future of water regulation at a seminar titled “Future Water Challenges: What Regulation is Required?” held at the Pontifical Catholic University in Chile.  The seminar was hosted by the Catholic University Center on Water Law and Management and brought together environmental and natural resource experts from Chile, Peru, Argentina, and the US to share innovative ideas and solutions to address water scarcity and drought.

During the seminar, Professor Jarvis lectured on the water regulation and management system in the state of California. The aim of this presentation was to disseminate information about best practices and pitfalls of the California water regulatory system to help inform strategies for water and resource regulation in Chile. Following the presentation, Prof. Jarvis participated in a panel discussion continuing the discourse on water scarcity and drought mitigation.

Other notable speakers included US Ambassador to Chile, Carol Perez and Chilean Ambassador to the U.S., Juan Gabriel Valdez. Ambassador Perez gave a talk on growing trends in trade and investment between the US and Chile and highlighted how these trends have been backed by strong pushes for anti-corruption, democracy and security in Chile. Ambassador Valdez spoke on the changing role of women in Chilean society among other things, and emphasized how this change could be significant for future economic growth and prosperity. 


Chile one

Blum Center Director Tu Jarvis (far left) with members of the Center for Water Law and Management at the Future Water Challenges Seminar in Chile


Tu Jarvis’ participation in March 29th seminar reflects his extensive history of engagement with Chile through his academic research and partnerships with various public and private sector entities across Chile. Most recently, Jarvis has worked to cultivate collaboration between the UC Davis community and Chile in his role as Chairman of the Chile-California Council.

Founded in 2011, the Chile-California Council is an organization based in San Francisco that works to promote knowledge exchange and cross-regional partnerships between Chile and California in both the public and private sectors. The Council achieves this mission through initiatives focusing in the areas of academia and research; the environment, energy and resource management; innovation and entrepreneurship; state and society as well as trade, economic growth and competitiveness.

As Chairman of the Council, Tu Jarvis has helped strengthen ties and enhance engagement between the UC Davis community and the Council. The results of which have amounted to major achievements such as the establishment of a $12 million Life Sciences Innovation Center in Chile in partnership with UC Davis, as well as the fourth annual Chile-California Conference which took place on the UC Davis campus in 2015.


 Chile two

Members of the Chile-California Council, form left to right: Councilors Jose Luis Nazar, Erin Cubbison, Lovell "Tu"Jarvis, Ambassador Juan Gabriel Valdes, Susanne Stirling, Ambassador Carol Perez, Isabel Valdes, Francisco Letelier, Tatiana Molina, Rodrigo Mladinic, Carlos Valderrama, Jake Leraul, Dan Green and Consul General Jorge Tagle.