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Free Passports Provided to UC Davis Students to Advance Global Learning

The U.S. Passport Grant Program covers the cost of one First-Time Adult U.S. Passport Book with standard processing and delivery. All related costs are covered by the program, totaling $180 per student (UC Davis Passport Services has waived the cost of passport photos). The program especially encourages applications from students who identify as part of a historically marginalized or underrepresented community in study abroad participation.

A Backpack to Help Refugees

This month’s guest on Face to Face With Chancellor May is a student who came to UC Davis to help refugees preserve their access to higher education — all while completing her own studies.

Aggie Compass Provides Resources to All

UC Davis’ actions toward promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on campus have become more apparent on a student level over the years as students find opportunities to contribute to addressing global challenges on a local level. One example of these actions is how student volunteers engage in the SDGs at the Aggie Basic Needs Center.

‘Face to Face’: Standardizing Student Advising

Global Learning Advising and Outreach Coordinator, Stephanie Zarate, engages in a conversation with campus leader, Kayton Carter, as they join Chancellor May for an episode of "Face to Face with Chancellor May." Read an excerpt of the article below and follow the link to read the original article. 

Ask campus staff and faculty the best part about working at UC Davis and a common answer appears: the students.