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Virtual Summer Internships Worldwide - Cost

Virtual – Engineering and Computer Science

Financial Aid and Scholarships

UC Davis Students: Virtual internships are not eligible for financial aid consideration. We encourage you to explore other opportunities for funding your virtual summer internship program, such as scholarships and alternative/private loans that may be available to you.
Non-Davis students: Please contact your home campus financial aid office to learn about eligibility and availability of Financial Aid for Virtual Summer Internships.

Program Fees

Program fees are subject to change and do not include expenses outside of what is outlined in the table below.


UC Student

Non-UC Student

Course Fee
UC: $279/unit x 6.0 units;
Non-UC: $374/unit x 6.0 units



Accommodations and Services Abroad Fee
(includes $300 non-refundable deposit)



Summer Campus Fee



Total Fees Charged to Students
See "Fee Notes" section below for more information.
Paid directly to UC Davis



Fee Notes

  • Figures for tuition and fees represent currently approved or proposed amounts and may not be final. Actual tuition and fees are subject to change by the University of California as determined to be necessary or appropriate. Final approved tuition and fee levels may differ from the amounts presented. Some or all instruction for all or part of the academic year may be delivered remotely. Tuition and fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be refunded in the event instruction occurs remotely for any part of the academic year. UC Davis tuition and Fees are different for Graduate and non-resident students. Campus policy dictates that study abroad and other off-campus programs are not exempt from the UC Davis Summer Campus Fee, which covers services/initiatives such as Student Health and Counseling Services, Unitrans, Recreation, etc. Students have access to these services during the entire summer session period. 

Program Fees include

  • Pre-internship advice and preparation
  • Customized internship placement based on skills, experiences, career goals, and interests
  • Online orientation led by Connect-123
  • On-going mentorship and coaching
  • Peer-to-peer discussion sessions
  • Expert-led workshops and guest speaker events
  • Post-internship career guidance

Expenses not covered by program fees

  • Expenses outside of what is outlined above
  • Software and equipment costs
  • Internet

Visit Student Cancellation for information about Virtual Summer Internships cancellation policies and deadlines.