A student volunteer in a gray polo points to a QR code posted on a board at the Aggie Compass. A blue overlay with the Global Affairs logo in the left corner and Global Aggies in the right sits along the bottom of the image.
Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center is a resource for students facing food and housing insecurity, among other issues. Student volunteers and staff help to address several SDGs, such as eliminating poverty and hunger. (Karin Higgins/UC Davis)

Aggie Compass Provides Resources to All

How Campus Confronts Grand Challenges

UC Davis’ actions toward promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on campus have become more apparent on a student level over the years as students find opportunities to contribute to addressing global challenges on a local level. One example of these actions is how student volunteers engage in the SDGs at the Aggie Basic Needs Center.

What are the SDGs?

The UN Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the SDGs, are a set of 17 goals set by the United Nations in 2015 that strive to better our world by addressing issues such as climate change, poverty, hunger, social inequalities and more.

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The Aggie Basic Needs Center supports the student population at UC Davis by connecting students with organizations and professionals on campus working to address a variety of issues. For example, they connect students with the Aggie Pantry, which grants free food and toiletries to all students regardless of their financial status and provides support on CalFresh applications. They also work with students to address housing insecurities by connecting them with experts and can provide students with access to emergency housing grants if needed.  
Student volunteers are an essential part of the Aggies Basic Needs Center. They provide a judgment-free environment, which is essential when supporting students. For those who are curious about how to get involved with this important campus organization, the Center is always looking for student volunteers to help address food insecurity through the Aggie Pantry or Fruit and Veggie Up. 

The Aggie Basic Needs Center is a crucial student resource at UC Davis, working to fulfill SDG 1: No Poverty and SDG 2: Zero Hunger by providing options for housing and food resources. By addressing food and housing insecurity, UC Davis can help ensure that students can put their full efforts into their studies and academic pursuits.

Though the SDGs address broad goals, understanding how they can positively impact the UC Davis community puts students in the driver's seat when it comes to making change. To volunteer and get involved with the Aggie Basic Need Center or to learn more about their work, visit their website or sign up to volunteer. To learn more about different ways students can get involved with the SDGs, review the UC Davis Student Guide to the SDGs.

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