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Quarter Abroad Taiwan

Pharmaceutical Chemistry in Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan

  • DatesSeptember 25–November 24, 2024
  • Max Enrollment – 30
  • Taught In – English
  • Prerequisites – Yes
  • Academic Area – Chemistry

Program Overview

Spend fall quarter in Taipei studying pharmaceutical chemistry at one of the top 20 research institutions in the world. This specialized program offers students the opportunity to earn UC Davis chemistry units and participate in optional research internships at Academia Sinica. In addition, it allows chemistry majors with the necessary coursework to achieve a degree in pharmaceutical chemistry. The in-depth research experience provides greater exposure to the process of drug discovery and helps students clarify career goals in a myriad of scientific professions.

The program will be structured with a fixed curriculum for the quarter. The structure will allow for lectures, discussions, laboratory, and research units. Courses will be taught consecutively by two different UC Davis chemistry faculty and several UC Davis teaching assistants at the facilities of Academia Sinica. Students will also be assisted by Academia Sinica lab assistants.

Program Contacts

Program Highlights

  • For over a decade UC Davis has been running the Quarter Abroad Pharmaceutical Chemistry program at Academia Sinica.
  • UC Davis Pharmaceutical Chemistry majors take two core courses at Academia Sinica—all taught by UC Davis professors.  
  • Typically, 15-20 UC Davis undergraduates (many of them Pharmaceutical Chemistry majors) join the program and about the same number of Academia Sinica international graduate students also take the same courses. In this manner, UC Davis students broaden their exposure to international students.
  • Most importantly, UC Davis undergraduates join research labs at Academia Sinica where they perform research for a minimum of 10 hours a week side by side with leading researchers and have access to state-of-the-art instrumentation.
  • Students also earn internship credit and transcript notation for their commitment to this research experience.

What Students Are Saying

  • "Nothing in UC Davis can be compared to this experience. Academically, I feel more ready to take on the harder courses."
  • "I think the internship experience is one of the best parts of my quarter abroad experience."
  • "Study abroad has changed my career goals because of the lab experience, [...I'm now] interested in researching or working in this industry."

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